Della Coppin (Sally Banks)

Della Coppin

Della Coppin (Sally Banks)

The Express, August 17, 1977, By Monk Watson: “I only knew Sally as “Sally Banks” because that was the stage name of her husband, Edward Coppin. He was one of the group who came to America with Charlie Chaplin, and on his own was a very funny man. Soon he joined the Blackstone show and was with it until he died, after the fire in the Lincoln Square theatre in Decatur, Ill. When Edward and Sally were married, she took the name of Coppin, but when he changed his name to the stage name of Banks, she took that name also. So for all those years she has been Sally Banks to all of us in Colon.

For years Sally was the “Avon Lady” who called on so many with a smile. I don’t recall ever seeing Sally without a smile, even when it might have been put on. She was generous with her flowers, putting them on the graves of those she knew. I recall one morning when I asked Sally where I could get some of the old clay flowerpots that were hard to find. The next morning there was a bag on our front porch, with six large pots made of clay. I could not pay her for them, because they were her gift to Mary and Monk.

We will all miss that happy smile, but we also know that he is now resting with the greats of the world, just as she worked with and entertained them in life.

Today Sally will rest with Ted Banks and The Great Blackstone in Lakeside cemetery, in Colon she loved so well. Sleep well, dear Sally.”