Doctor W. E. Doran Obituary




From The Colon Express, December 10, 1925: ”When word of the sudden death of Dr. W. E. Doran last Sunday morning, a pall of sorrow reached over the entire community. The people immediately realized that one of the most influential, most progressive and helpful citizens had been suddenly taken from our midst.

Death came while he was confined at Sturgis Memorial Hospital where he had been taken only a few days previous suffering with an acute attack of Erysipelas. Following is a tribute to Dr. Doran, which was read at the services, which bespeaks the heart of every citizen in the community. No tribute could be too glowing for this worthy citizen.

There was scarcely room in the Methodist Church to accommodate the people who came to pay their respects to Dr. Doran. The services were held at two o’clock Tuesday afternoon, the Masonic fraternity having charge, and was largely attended by its members of the order, as well as by the Knight Templars and members of the local American Legion Post of which he was a member. The final resting place is in Lakeside cemetery.



March 9, 1879 – December 6, 1925

When the sad tidings of the Doctor’s death smote this village last Sunday morning, sorrow was in every heart and a gloomy silence pervaded every home.

William Doran prepared for his life’s work as a physician and surgeon, graduating with the Class of ’04. He has recently been connected with the Lecturing Staff of his Alma Mater. He immediately began active practice here in his hometown where he has been closely associated with every phase of our civic existence, educationally, socially, morally, politically, fraternally and in his professional capacity.

He was married to Juelma Slover June 30th, 1904.

The Doctor took great pride in his home, providing every comfort and convenience for his mother, wife and son. Jack has been the center of their lives and an important factor in their ideal home life.

The Doctor’s home was his shrine. It was there his gentle nature found and shed earth’s richest joys amongst mother, wife, and son and friends.

To them his death is a calamity unspeakable, but in his good name and in his great and spotless reputation they have all that death can leave to alleviate its pain.

Next to his home came his profession, which so engrossed his time and talents that he would never entertain any political aspirations although he has developed our school and library to their present state of civic excellence as an active member of the boards of those institutions.

Like his father before him, he has always been an active and enthusiastic member of the Masonic fraternity. To his brothers and companions of the local Masonic orders he has been the guiding and directing hand of all their deliberations and activities. He has occupied all of the chairs in the Masonic orders of Colon and was also Past Worthy Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star. The Doctor was also a member of the Columbia Commandery No. 18 of Sturgis, and of the Russell A.Welty Post of the American Legion.

A brother, Edgar, of Hollywood, California, is left to mourn his loss.

Doctor Doran was 46 years, 9 months and 27 days of age.

Thus ends an eventful life; short in years, but great in accomplishments and of inestimable value to this community.

“Every man is valued in this world as he shows by his conduct that he wishes to be valued.”

Dr. Doran was a gentleman of the highest ideals, a clean life and successful in all his endeavors. We who are left value him as one of life’s noblemen.

No questionable act ever marked the fair pages of private or professional life of this man among men. No flaw was ever found in his armor thru which the shafts of envy and slander could enter and would his name. He was gentle yet strong, courteous yet brave, ready to extend the soft hand of charity and graspwith comprehensive thought the issues of the day.”