Earls buy Tavern from Ryan

Earls Bought ‘The Tavern’ from Ryan



From  The Express, February 8, 1984: “Daniel and Kathleen Earl of Yeatter Rd., Colon, have purchased Ryan’s “The Tavern’ on the south side of State Street near Blackstone Avenue. They took over from Kenny Ryan on December 28th.

Kenny Ryan’s name had been on the tavern’s license since 1947. His dad, J. G. “Curly” Ryan bought it in September of 1930. For years, it has locally been known as “Curly’s”.

The Earls moved here from Chicago five years ago. They have two children, Erin, 5, and Daniel, who was born in December. They have officially named the tavern “Curly’s”.

At present, while Dan and Kathleen each put in as many hours as they can each day at Curly’s, they are both employed full-time elsewhere. He works in Goshen; she works for the Kirsch Co., in Sturgis. They hope to continue in this vein for several more months in order to install several items such as a grill and large screen TV. They are also hiring blue grass and country music entertainment, and expect to provide it on a regular schedule. Their plans include serving more light lunches in Curly’s.

The Earls will be in the establishment full time, hopefully by late spring.”