Farrand Hall on Farrand Road

Farrand Hall

Unidentified newspaper clipping donated to the Colon Community Historical Society Museum: “FARRAND HALL – The large frame house of four levels was built by Henry K. Farrand in 1854. Henry Farrand came to Colon, from Cayuga County, New York in 1836, and bought 200 acres of land. He built a log house in which he and his family lived for 17 years. He married Maria Mathews of Colon in 1837. To them were born Ann Eliza (Price), Henrietta, who lived to be four years old, Margaret S. (Benham), Julia (Todd), Frances (Weed), and Charles (later declared missing). Charles was married and had a son, and was living in the large house at the time he disappeared.

The acreage was increased to 800 acres. All but the original 200 acres was divided among the daughters as they married. Ann Eliza (Mrs. Morris Price) lived on Colon mountain. Julia (Mrs. Oliver Todd) lived across the road from Colon mountain. Frances, (Mrs. Irving Weed) lived south and across the road from the big house. Margaret (Mrs. Walter Benham) lived in Detroit and later at Farrand Hall.

After the death of Henry K. Farrand in 1887, several families lived in the house through the years. After the death of Margaret the house was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Schultz of Chicago (about 1930) who lived in only part of the house and never altered it. The house was greatly in need of repair.

In 1952 the house was purchased by the great granddaughter of Henry K. Farrand, Mrs. Blanche (Price) Burgess, restored the house to its original beauty. They lived in the house for 12 years, until her death in 1965.

In 1971 the house again in need of much repair, was sold to strangers. Only two parts of the estate remain in the possession of direct descendants, a homestead on Farrand Road owned by Chester Weed, and acreage on Fairfax Road owned by Raymond Price.