Harry Blackstone by George McAthy

A Salute To Harry Blackstone



From The “TOPS” Magazine, September 1965. By George McAthy: “On September 27 the “King of Magicians,” Harry Blackstone, will celebrate his 80th birthday. We of Southern California are lucky that Harry decided to spend his retiring years with us. We see him at magic meetings, local magic shows, in the magic shops and quite often in the Magic Castle. Harry can still do some amazing things with a deck of cards; he hasn’t lost his touch.

Sixty-four years of performing magic, in all parts of the world, is an enviable record. The man, who inspired Harry, when he was thirteen, was the Great Harry Kellar. Blackstone stepped up the pace of the full evening show of that day by fast action, lots of color and many beautiful girls. His show was a joy to behold. Many magicians received their inspiration to go out and do better shows after watching Blackstone perform. Also, many who worked in the show as assistants turned out to be credible magicians on their own. Yes, Harry Blackstone has done a lot for magic. I know that is a well-worn phrase but in this case it is a true one. His dynamic showmanship was unique.

In a way, it is sad to think that the Great Blackstone Show is stored away in mothballs. But as I write this I am looking at an article about Harry Blackstone, Jr., who is not appearing at one of the big clubs in Las Vegas. To quote,  “He is a very clever magician. He knows all of his father’s tricks.” So apparently the name of Blackstone will continue to appear before the public for many years to come. This fall Harry, Jr., will perform his illusions as a substantial part of a leading ice show which will tour the nation. I am told that this is the first time this has been done on a large scale. So Harry, Sr., may hold his head up with pride, knowing that the name he made so famous will continue on in show business, with top billing, as it should. A comforting thought when one reaches the majestic age of eighty, and the twilight of a great career. We salute you, Harry Blackstone!