Lamore’s and Watson in Lions Minstrel 1940



From the Colon Express newspaper, October 24, 1940: “The script is written, the rehearsals are under way, and the Lions Club Minstrel, to be presented at Hill’s Opera House on Friday evening, Nov. 8, promises to be the leading attraction in the line of entertainment of the season.

The fact that Skippy wrote the lines is sufficient evidence that the show will be a mirth-provoking affair from start to finish.

Another reason why the Minstrel will be a real attraction – Jean and Skippy and Monk Watson are all doing their bit. Jean LaMore will be the interlocutor, Skippy, Monk, Bob VanDeventer and George Conklin the end-men – and what a snappy show combination that will be. And along with these professional actors is a minstreal group of ten local people who can all do their bit for entertainment.

The tickets will be sold by Lion members or you can get them reserved at Niendorf’s Pharmacy, where the ticket board will be on display. The admission will be 15¢ for children, 28¢ for adults.

It’s all being done to secure funds for the Lions Club, to be used at Christmas time. Just what the Lions will do this year is a question as yet. There is some thought of changing from a Christmas party for children to a planned distribution of Christmas baskets to the needy and shutins. Regardless of which plan they follow, funds will be needed.”