Maurice Kane Electrocuted 1941

Colon Man Electrocuted

Colon Express, May 8, 1941: “The most shocking news of the death of Maurice Kane reached here last evening. Maurice was electrocuted yesterday afternoon while on duty for the Detroit-Edison Company in Detroit. Maurice was assisting in placing a service wire into a building. He was connecting the service wire to the building when the loose wire came into contact with a 4800-volt line, this current passing through his body. Inhalators and other equipment were rushed to the spot by firemen and others called in emergencies of this kind, and after working over Maurice for nearly three hours, failed to restore a heart beat, and he was pronounced dead at 6:45. Dr. G. E. Godfrey, Mr. Kane’s father-in-law, accompanied Mr. Conklin to Detroit, leaving here at ten o’clock and returning with the body at 7:30 this morning. While the funeral arrangements have not been definitely decided, it will be held Sunday afternoon, probably at the Conklin Funeral Home or the Methodist Church. Maurice L. Kane was 38 years of age, born May 11, 1903, the son of William and Berta Kane, and his school days and early life were spent at the farm home just east of Colon. He followed the carpenter trade for some time, then took up the work as lineman for the Consumers Power Company in Battle Creek. After three years with this company, he was employed by the Myers Electric Construction Co., working out of Jackson. Only four weeks ago Maurice transferred to a much better job with the Detroit-Edison company in Detroit. Mrs. Kane was in Detroit Friday and Saturday with her husband and while there they started proceedings to purchase a home in Dearborn. If the immediate family surviving are the bereaved widow, Louise, and their two children, Richard aged 4 years and Barbara aged six months, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Kane and two sisters, Mrs. Mildred Johnson of Kalamazoo and Mr. L. E. Hart of Elkhart. Mrs. Kane and children are at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Godfrey.”

The next week’s issue reported on the funeral; “Funeral Services for Maurice Kane were held from the Conklin Funeral Home at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon. Seating capacity was not adequate to take care of the many friends of Maurice who came to pay final respect and more than one hundred assembled outside. The beautiful flowers formed a complete blanket over the grave in Lakeside Cemetery. The Rev. Richard Beckett, pastor of the local Methodist Church, officiated. The casket bearers were Randall Wattles, Lyle Michael, Earl Brown, Virgil Farrand, Henry Alderman and Ray Gibbs.”