New School Addition 1937



From the Colon Express, February 7, 1937: “Next Sunday afternoon, February 7th at 3:00 o’clock, the new Colon School building addition will be open for inspection. Everyone interested in the Colon School is invited to be present.

Mr. I. D. Brent, state director of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, Dr. Paul Sargren, president of
Western State Teachers College, will be the principal speakers on the program.

The following dedicatory program has been arranged:

Music – High School Orchestra

Invocation – Reverend L. B. Hull,

Greeting, Board of Education Mr. C. G. Elliott.

Remearks – Mr. A. R. Wagner, architect; Mr. M. C. J. Billingham, builder; Mr. J. McCarty, P. W. A. Supervisor.

Music – selected – High School Choir

Greetings – Dr. Paul Sargren, President Western State Teachers College.

Music – High School Orchestra

Address – Mr. I. D. Brent, State Director P. W. A.

Benediction – Reverend Stanley Buck.

Music – High School Orchestra”