Relationships – Why They Aren’t Working For You


Relationships are a large part of a person’s life. These can be as casual as a summer fling or as serious as a marriage. Generally, people want to find someone with whom they can form a lasting bond. This can be through trust, shared values or even a strong physical attraction.

When a relationship is healthy, both partners make the other feel loved and appreciated. They share common interests and values, have open communication, and make time for each other. They are supportive and help each other through tough times. They are able to understand and pick up on non-verbal cues from the other, which allows them to respond appropriately.

In a romantic relationship, the partners must be physically attracted to each other and have a sexual connection that is fulfilling for them. They must be able to communicate effectively about their sex and intimacy needs, and must respect each other’s boundaries. They should not hold grudges against each other and should be able to forgive one another’s mistakes.

A good relationship can add years to a person’s life because it provides them with a social support system that can be beneficial for both their mental and physical health. However, if the relationships are not working for you, it’s important to recognize that and take action. This could be as simple as finding a new activity to do together or it could involve discussing your feelings with a therapist.