Reverand P. C. Cyphers Obituary



Rev. P. C. Cyphers was born October 16, 1841, at South Bend Brook, New Jersey, and passed away at his home in Romulus, Michigan, June 1, 1928.

Of the immediate family he is survived by his widow, one daughter, four sons, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

He was a Civil War veteran, serving with the 11th New Jersey volunteer Infantry. He was a member of Nankin Lodge No. 396, I.O.O.F. of Wayne, Michigan.

Rev. Cyphers was pastor of the Baptist church about thirty years ago, remaining here several years, leaving this pastorate in 1897.

Both Rev. and Mrs. Cyphers were seriously ill with the flu a few weeks ago and while both seemed to be recovering, Rev. Cypher’s advanced age was a handicap. He had, however sufficiently improved to be able to visit his sons in Wayne, and the day before his death wrote letters to some of the old Colon friends, planning to write to others the following day. There was no noticeable change in his condition when he retired last Thursday evening, or when he partook of a light lunch early Friday morning. But when Mrs. Cyphers went to his bed to ask if he cared to have breakfast, whe wound he had entered into that sleep which knows no waking.

The Go-Getters  have lost by death many dear friends and members but no death has brought more sorrow and none will be more missed than this dear brother.

His funeral occurred at his home near Romulus, Monday, June 4th. Those from Colon who attended were Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, J. E. Mosher and Mrs. Alma Hartman.

Rev. Cyphers death, coming on the eve of the Go-Getters annual reunion, causes those in charge to pause in due respect to the valuable member, but all who knew this venerable gentleman know that his message would be to carry-on with the plans and this will be done.”