Three Rivers Show by Monk Watson

Three Rivers Show in 1931

From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, November 1967; by Monk Watson:

”I’ve had fun reading some of my old Seven Circles official publications, printed back in 1931 … Where have the years gone, and those wonderful friends of those years? The convention notes were really something to look back on, like ‘Dorny and Monk were MC’s on this and that show. That team is still hard to follow … let me write one program for you … I believe it was 1931 and the place was Three Rivers, Michigan.


“In case of rain the American Legion Home will be open to all members as a meeting place.”

“All newspaper and moving picture men please report to Chet Shafer, (Grand Diapson of the Pipe Organ Pumpers Guild) who will be your host while in our city.”

“If you drive a car the Chamber of Commerce will issue you a Courtesy Sticker for your windshield. This sticker will allow you to park overtime anywhere and will extend every courtesy the city is able to offer while you a re in our City of Friendly Waters.”




1:30 – At Wood St. Bridge, Blackstone, World’s Master Magician, will attempt to escape from a heavy wooden box after it has been weighted with iron, securely roped and lowered in St. Joseph River. (Note: Harry came up from the box, went back down, got into the box and the box was then brought up and he was tied with ropes in the box).

2:00 – Axel Hellstrom, noted Mental Telepathist of Hamburg, Germany, will attempt to find Miller Dunkel’s lost watch. The watch is hidden in a bank and Raymond Linsley is the only person who knows where it is. The key to one of the vaults containing the watch has been hidden somewhere in Three Rivers by Mr. Linsley. (Note: Axel found the watch and also the wooden Indian that had been lost for years.)


Friday – June 19


1:30 – On platform in front of City Offices, Dr. Gentilly of Cleveland. It’s impossible to tie him with ropes!

1:45 – Charles J. Colta of Harrisburg, Pa., will be beheaded on a guillotine.

2:00 – Alexandra, of Budapest, Hungary, the man with the X-Ray Eyes, will be twice blindfolded and his head will be covered with a hood of two thicknesses of heavy velvet. Watch him drive a car through the streets. (He almost hit me.)

Saturday – June 20th

1:30 – Blackstone will be put in a heavy iron boiler and welded in by the Petre Sheet Metal Works and will attempt to escape on a platform in front of City Offices.


The Evening Shows

Friday – June 19th – 8:00 P.M.


1 – Prologue by “Dorny.” Member of the Council of Seven of the International Magic Circle and National President of the Society of American Magicians.

2 – Monk Watson – Michigan’s Most Famous Master of Ceremonies.

3 – Walter Gibson – Novelties in Magic. Gibson is a well known newspaper man and author from Philadelphia, Pa.

4 – Colta and Colta – The Merry Magicians of Harrisburg, Pa. (note: Mr. Colta is to be beheaded Friday afternoon but is expected to recover in time for his act.)

5 – J. Elder Blackledge – Who Works Modern Magic.

6 – Yuan Chan Foo – “The Greatest Oriental Entertainer”

7 – Walter Harris – Kalamazoo’s Magical Insurance Man.

8 – Blackstone – President of IMC and World’s Master Magician.


Saturday – June 20th


1 – Presenting “Dorny”

2 – Noffke – Versatile Entertainer (Mr. Noffke is a Vice President of IMC and President of I.B.M. of the east.)

3 – Dr. Harlan Tarbell – You all know him. (Founder of the famous Tarbell Institute.

4 – Little Johnny Jones – The Fashionable Conjuror.

5 – Rita Del-Gardi and Girls – Feminine Mystifers.

6 – Dave Coleman – Originality.

7 – Axel Hellstrom – Experimental Psychologist.

8 – A few minutes with “Dorny” (who killed them, as usual).

9 – Walter Domzalski – Michigan’s Famous Lawyer Magician.

10 – Blackstone – The Incomparable.