Traveling and Hotels

Traveling is a wonderful way to expand your horizons, see beautiful scenery and landscapes, try new foods, meet people, and get outside your comfort zone. In addition, it can increase your happiness and joy exponentially! Research has shown that the more vacations you take, the lower your risk of metabolic syndrome, which can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Hotels provide the best accommodations when traveling. They offer convenience, comfort and security, and are often cheaper than alternatives such as Airbnb’s or hostels. Additionally, many hotels have a wide range of amenities and services that make your trip more enjoyable.

While the coronavirus pandemic continues, many travelers are looking for trips closer to home and hotels have seen a significant shift in search demand, with searches increasing for domestic destinations and fewer international ones. Many hotels have been proactive, offering flexible cancellation/rebooking without penalty and working to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Despite the challenges of the current situation, it is important for hotels to find new ways to attract leisure travelers and maintain customer loyalty. They can do this by improving their loyalty programs, focusing on providing the right experiences and enhancing their offerings to match customer expectations.

Another great way to boost loyalty is by enabling loyalty members to use their points at short-term and vacation rental properties such as Marriott International’s Homes and Villas and Accor’s Onefinestay. This will help to keep them engaged with the hotel brand and can also introduce them to a whole new world of travel options.