What is Fashion?


Fashion is a popular term that covers all the clothing, hairstyles and other things that are in style at any given time. It has the power to change everything, it affects our daily choices and can even influence how we think. This is the reason why whole magazines are dedicated to fashion, TV programs dedicate hours of transmission time to it and people continually talk about it amongst themselves.

It is generally believed that changes in fashion reflect social and economic trends, but it can also be a result of internal taste mechanisms. People are driven by the desire to impress others, or just look good. The fashion industry itself is huge and a big business – many people work in it, making, selling and promoting clothes and accessories. It is a very dynamic industry, and the clothes themselves are not necessarily made to last forever.

Clothes can be used for identification and tradition, for example judges wear robes, people in the military wear uniforms and brides often wear long white dresses. They can also be used for expressing individuality and creativity, for instance a goth boy with green hair and multiple piercings might dress in a particular way to deliver a message of rebellion or separation from other groups.

Fashion can be a trend, a movement, a craze or a fad – whatever it is, it is usually short lived and tends to disappear as fast as it emerged. The best fashion content seeks inspiration from different sources and stays up to date with news and developments.