What is Fashion?


Fashion is the style or trend that people follow in a given time. It is a form of self-expression and it can be used to show one’s personality and beliefs. It is also a way of earning respect and fitting in with the crowd. People have been following fashion since the beginning of human existence. It can be in the form of clothes, jewelry, and even the way they speak.

Fashion changes rapidly and is often influenced by social and economic factors. Fashion is a global industry; designers create clothing and accessories in one country, manufacture them in another, and distribute them to retail outlets internationally. It is often a multi-billion dollar business and it can be highly profitable.

Changing fashions can reflect an evolution in society and culture. It can also be a response to economic or political issues. For example, in the nineteenth century, laws were passed banning the wearing of certain styles of dresses. In addition, the use of uniforms was an attempt to enforce political unity during the Communist revolutions.

Sometimes, a new fashion can be created when popular musicians or other celebrities begin to wear clothes that are different from their usual choices. This may start a trend that many others try to emulate. For example, the ripped jeans of the 1980s were once considered “fashionable.” Fashion can also be driven by subcultures that provide new motifs, colors, fabrics and other elements for designers to incorporate into their work.