What Is Fashion?


Fashion refers to the styles, designs, and trends in clothing. It is a reflection of the cultural values, attitudes and beliefs of a society or group. It is a form of self-expression and individuality. People tend to imitate those with the latest trends. For example, a popular musician wearing a particular style of clothes may inspire others to follow suit.

The latest fashions can be found in magazines, newspapers, television shows, and social media (such as Instagram or TikTok). The industry also includes fashion journalism. The writings of fashion journalists provide critique, guidelines, and commentary on current trends.

The lines between fashion and anti-fashion become blurred, as the commodification of adornments, like clothes, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, etc., and the creation of new styles and trends, often draw inspiration from subcultures and other sources that were previously outside the realms of fashion, such as street culture and ethnographic dress. This can lead to the appropriation of elements of non-fashion or anti-fashion into the sphere of fashion, such as the way that tattoos and other body decorations from sailors, laborers, and criminals have been incorporated into mainstream fashion, for instance.

The nature of these changes has generated debate about the impact of fashion on society. Some argue that a reliance on changing fashions erodes personal identity, and forces consumers to spend money they might not have otherwise spent. In addition, the ephemerality of many styles can be frustrating for consumers who wish to possess permanent wardrobes, and critics have suggested that the promotion of these trends by businesspeople exploits and encourages materialistic consumption.