What is Fashion?


Fashion Style: Well crafted

Clothing is one of the most significant ways in which people express themselves. It tells others who you are and what your status is in a society.

Its history goes back to the early days of civilisation. During the medieval period, clothes were a way of identifying and classifying individuals. The clothing of religious leaders, nobles, and others of high social status was important.

During the past few centuries, however, fashion has become much more of an expression of self-expression and identity. It has even evolved into an art form and an industry.

The term fashion is used to describe clothing, footwear, makeup and other accessories that are popular in a given time or place. It also refers to the way in which these items are marketed and distributed.

A common way of determining whether something is considered to be fashionable is by looking at the latest trends in the media. This is done by reading newspapers, magazines, and other publications that feature new styles in clothing.

These trends are often sported by celebrities and other public figures. These are then reflected in the design of new collections by fashion designers.

Fashion is a highly influential industry, so it often makes a huge impact on the economy. It is a global business that employs over 300 million people all around the world.