What is Home Improvement?

Home improvement

Home improvement is an ongoing activity that involves maintenance, repair and improvement of the home. It also includes activities such as painting, re-grouting tile, and cleaning out rain gutters. Home improvement projects can make the house more attractive, more livable, or more energy efficient, and may increase the value of the property. Some projects are urgent, such as fixing a roof leak or replacing worn doorknobs. Others are more cosmetic, such as updating a kitchen or adding an ensuite bathroom.

Historically, home improvements were done by professionals, but in recent years DIY (do it yourself) has become increasingly popular. This is largely due to television shows such as Bob Vila’s This Old House, which has contributed to the growth of the home improvement industry and the culture of DIY. In addition, low interest rates have made borrowing money to fund home improvements more affordable.

The reason why many people choose to invest in home improvements is that they improve the livability of the house. However, the return on investment varies depending on what projects are done and how they are carried out. Some renovations that have a high ROI are putting in new windows, installing a heating pump, and increasing insulation.

It is important to find a good contractor when undertaking a home improvement project, and to check their license and insurance. It is also a good idea to ask for references and perform a background check. There is a large ‘grey market’ of unlicensed contractors that can carry out work without proper insurance and guarantees.