What Is News?

News is a word that is used to define something new, unusual, or significant. It is important to remember that news is a word that has been around for centuries. In ancient times, government proclamations were considered to be news. However, as technology has advanced, the way we identify news has changed.

There are two main types of news. Hard news is information that is transmitted through data, characters, or series. Soft news is information that is transmitted through stories and reports. This type of news is often found in audio and video formats.

A good news story is one that is positive in nature. It can include breaking news, successes, cures, or win-win situations. Bad news stories have negative overtones. These are often related to political or social issues.

Feature articles are usually more creative than news articles. They inform readers about recent events and provide context. Some examples of feature articles are how-to-do-it articles, profiles of actors, or evaluations of media.

Entertainment stories involve human interest, showbusiness, sex, animals, and other topics. While the main objective of these types of stories is to evoke amusement, they may also appeal to emotion.

Most news is about people. For example, the death of a famous person is considered to be news. But an incident in which a dog bites someone would not be considered to be news.

Several models of news making have been proposed to help describe the process of selecting what becomes news. Among them are the Organizational Model, the Bargaining Model, and the Mirror Model.