What is News?

News is information about events and issues that affect a large number of people. It is usually broadcast in a newspaper, on TV or radio, or on the Internet.

The news is something that happens right now or has just happened, or is a story about something that’s been happening for a long time but has been updated to include new facts and details.

In the past, news was only chosen by trained journalists and other media professionals, called gatekeepers. These people decided what would make the line-up on a local television news program, what would appear in the pages of a newspaper, or what would be posted online on the websites of major news organizations.

When deciding what will become news, gatekeepers consider several characteristics that are important to the overall message. These include timeliness, drama, consequence, proximity and narrative.

For example, a story about an ordinary walk to school and baby tigers may be deemed newsworthy because it has a significant impact, is dramatized, has consequences that go beyond the lives of one person or a group of people, and involves proximity.

Before you submit your article for publication, have someone else look over it to make sure that it is complete and contains accurate facts. This will help you to write a story that will be believable and not contain any errors.