What Is News?


News is information about current events that is reported quickly, accurately and objectively. It is the information that changes society. News is usually about people and things that are unusual, interesting or significant. It can be about people and things that are important to a particular group of people, or to the world as a whole.

When deciding what is newsworthy, there are many factors that journalists must consider. These include: impact, proximity, celebrity, controversy, magnitude and relevance. They also consider whether the story is new, whether it includes violence or scandal and if it is timely. Other factors that affect news stories include the reaction of the public and how well the story is told.

Most newspapers and online publications target a certain demographic. This is often determined by location; for example, a newspaper in Kansas City will have a different demographic to a newspaper in London. Other times, it is obvious based on the topic; for example, if an article discusses zoning laws, it will likely be targeted toward property owners in that area.

The headline is a very important part of any news article. It should be catchy and provide a preview of the story. It is the first thing that will attract a reader and decide whether or not they will read the entire article. It is important to use Associated Press style guidelines when writing a headline. A good headline is also very helpful when submitting a story to a publication.