What Is News?


News is a form of information and a source of entertainment. It is a form of human-interest story that often begins with anecdotes. It can range from lifestyle to sports to health and education. It is often accompanied by images, headlines, or videos. It may be controversial or have a positive overtone.

A healthy civil society depends on a well-informed public. Without a reliable source of information, citizens can be misled and make dangerous choices. Gutenberg’s printing press ushered in a revolution in communications that changed the relationships between people around the world. Television and radio soon followed, making the media available to a much wider audience.

Different people have different interests and concerns, and they also consume different types of news. For instance, different people may be interested in hard news, which is what lands on the front page. This type of news is often controversial and timely. It puts the most important information first. For example, if the world is devastated by a natural disaster, the news on that topic is hard news.

News is a good source of information. It provides a clear and accurate picture of an event, which people find interesting at the time. It should be well-written and make readers say “Gee Whiz!” If it does, it is news.